Hawaii Travel Diary – Day 2: Aloha Maui

by Alessandro Carpentiero

Hawaii Travel Diary – Day 2: Aloha Maui!

After some hours of sleep (not many cause I had a huge jat lag of 11 hours), it’s breakfast time. What’s a best place for it than the the Kapalua Golf Club?

The world tournament will start in a few days, so there was a lot of preparations going on. The temperature was perfect (especially if you consider that I’m coming from a relatively cold winter in Italy), but the weather was a little cloudy. Actually, the weather here is crazy, cause it changes very fast.

Kapalua Golf Club Bay Course

Lovely interiors and tasteful breakfast!

Kapalua Golf Club Bay Course

The entrance

Hawaiian Breakfast

Mimosa Hawaiian and a Mango

After a huge breakfast (the picture above was just the start), I went to do a little exploration at Honolua. I will probably be back to take more serious shots, but sometimes it’s just good (and useful) to enjoy the view and explore.
The colors were just amazing, and I had the chance to see a big difference with the use of the polarizer, so cool!


You see the big green on the right? That’s where I went.
I never saw such a wild image of the nature, so much that it really left me speachless. HUGE trees, with HUGE leaves, with a lot of humidity and moist. Thank God my camera is tropicalized 🙂

The Jungle

While walking inside I saw a lot of wild chickens and roasters, how cool is that?

Now’s the time to explore downtown a bit. They call it town, but to me it’s more like a street with some shops (you’re sooo italian, they’d say :D).
That view gave me a really nice feeling of relax; I can really feel that the people here is different. I don’t think they even know the meaning of the word “stress“.

Lahaina Town

Christmas signs in Lahaina

I don’t know what this is, but it’s cool 🙂

After wandering around and taking some “street photography” shots (which I’ll eventually post), it’s time to realx a bit and enjoy some shave ice. I don’t think I ever tasted something that sweet. Seriously.

Shave Ice

While I was relaxing in the shade (cause it was really hot) I met a new friend named Biscuit 🙂



Selfie time

It was just late afternoon, but I was tired already because I was still jet lagged pretty bad.
But before going away, let me take a selfie 😀




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