The Photography news show

The Photography News Show is a weekly series that gets published every single Monday, where I bring you the best & latest news in the photography industry

I’ve always been extremely passionate about photography gear, both because I love technology, and most importantly because I think using technology can truly help us maximize our creative potential, as well as the growth & impact we can have.

I used to spend a lot of time reading photography news, every day, and I thought: Wouldn’t it be cool to have a sum-up of the week, in a short & straight to the point format?

That’s how the show came to life!

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I want to make it super easy for you to find & consume the best photography news of the week.

That’s why you can find “The Photography News Show” on many platforms & on different formats.
1. YouTube Channel

The Photography News Show first home is YouTube, where every Monday I share what happened in the past 7 days with other fellow photographers such as yourself!

2. Podcast

Every show is carefully produced to work perfectly also as a podcast episode, without necessarily having to look at visuals. For that reason, you can find listen to the show on all the major Podcast Platforms!

3. Blog

If you prefer to read, as well as having access to the full-size images, you will find a blog post for each show.

You can find the blogs here.

how can you support the show?

I appreciate your support!


Consuming & liking the content helps a ton, and if you want to support me further, you can simply shop at your favorite online shops using the links below. You will not pay anything extra, and I’ll get a small % that will help support the show.