Alessandro Carpentiero Photographer

by alessandro_carpentiero

Travel & Architectural Photographer

Travel The World, Capture Its Beauty.

I create immersive images and videos for the travel and architecture industry, while helping people take their photography to the next level.


To tell a story and make people want to travel.

To capture the essence of your spaces.

I speak about photography and help others master it.

Create everlasting memories while capturing the beauty of our planet.

Why work with me?

Highly Specialized

I create content only related to the architecture and travel industries.

Market Knowledge

I have managed shootings for brands all over the world. This gave me a deep knowledge of the marketplace needs.

I Am a Traveler

I have traveled extensively around the world for discovering the incredible beauty that surrounds us. My longest trip to date is of 104 days around Southeast Asia.

I Know What Works

Having built over time an audience on social media, allowed me to understand what gives that wow factor to a piece of content.