by Alessandro Carpentiero

Alessandro Carpentiero
Who am I?

My name is Alessandro Carpentiero and I’m a Travel & Architectural Photographer from Italy.
I create high-end imagery with a particular focus on the Travel & Leisure industry, crafting every photograph with extreme care and dedication.
In March 2018 I left Italy to start traveling full-time, with the objective of experiencing life in every part of the world while capturing its beauty.


What’s my history with Photography?

Photography has always been in my life.
I’ve started playing around with my father’s analog camera when I was 8 years old. At that time I didn’t know anything about photography, but I already loved everything about it.
There was something magical about it: I can still remember the feeling of holding that camera in my hand, looking inside the viewfinder and pressing the shutter button while listening to its unique sound.

Years passed by, and my love for Photography got me to the point where I wanted to do just that: I was studying at a scientific high school, but I was spending my whole time taking pictures and studying Photoshop (yes, I use it since the prehistoric age).
When I turned 18 I wanted to study photography to become a commercial photographer, but photography schools were very expensive and I couldn’t afford them, so I had to look for an alternative. That’s why I chose to become a designer.
5 years later I got my college degree in Industrial & Product Design.

I was working as a freelance designer for 1 year, but I kept thinking about photography.
I simply couldn’t forget it.
Just out of the blue I got a new camera and started traveling as much as I could.
I  started sharing my shots on Instagram and I got an incredible response which I didn’t even dream about: in 2 years my account grew over 300.000 followers.
Day by day things got more interesting; brands started to get in touch with me to run social campaigns on my profile, while prestigious hotels & resorts started to want me to document their properties.

That’s what I do now, and I absolutely love it.
Photography has changed the way I experience life, making me see it from a different perspective and appreciate every little thing of it.

Life is a work in progress, but one thing is for sure: I’ve found what I am born for.

Myself at work in the magical Paris

Myself at work in the magical Paris