I am Alessandro Carpentiero, a photographer from Milan, Italy, who specializes in travel & architectural photography


The path that has led me to this point has begun with music, which I have studied for many years, and with product design, in which I graduated in 2013.
Photography was always a great passion of mine, but I believed that design was my path.
After the first year as a freelance designer, however, the passion for photography came back stronger than ever.
Unsure of what to do, I booked a trip around Europe and started sharing my photos on Instagram.


I just wanted to share my photographs and the places I was visiting; I surely didn’t expect such a response.
In fact, in a few years, my account reached hundreds of thousands of people.
This started to get me noticed by brands and communication agencies, and it was the beginning of my career.


With time and dedication, I developed my business, creating images for brands all over the world.


I love challenges, and I always look for ways to grow, improve, and learn.

That’s why in 2018 I took a 104-day trip around South East Asia; that has been an incredible experience that has taught me a lot about life and made me change my perspective.


I quit using social media for many months, as I wanted to fully focus on looking for something deeper which I eventually found.


In fact, my goal is now to have a greater impact by helping you pursue your dreams, guiding you in cultivating your passion for photography and explore the beauty of our planet.


That’s why in 2020 I’ve launched my 1st online course, and I’m currently organizing Photography Tours all around the world, to travel the world while capturing its beauty with you all!


Until next time,


/ Alessandro