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Entrepreneur | Futurist | Creative

Beyond Sapiens

On a Mission to Evolve Human Potential


Beyond Sapiens is the company I founded in 2022, together with my friend and business partner Linda. 

Our vision?

To shape the future of our species by evolving humanity towards its holistically maximum potential.

Beyond Sapiens goes far beyond simply being “my company.” It’s what I intend to create a legacy with.


Career Highlights (2022-Present)

• Concept ideation.

• Partnerships with world-leading health optimization companies.

• Launched new YouTube channel and reached over 4M people.

• Interviewed internationally recognized leaders in the health industry.

why i will never quit.

As you might have noticed on this website, I’ve gone through quite a lot of drastic pivots in my life. From musician, designer, and photographer to IT consultant and COO. But this time, it’s different. Becoming a founding entrepreneur is what I was unconsciously getting ready for my whole life and what I’m truly made to be. I’ve spent all my life trying to understand that, and now that I’ve found it, there is no turning back. The mission we’re on is too important.