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Function & Form for the Benefit of All

After dropping out of Computer Science in 2009, I felt totally lost. Until I discovered Product Design. I immediately got attracted by this discipline, which requires a strong balance between rationality & creativity, something that has always characterized me.

Fast forward 4 years, and I graduated from Politecnico di Milano in Industrial & Product Design and started my career as a designer.

Career Highlights (2009-2014)

• Thesis project used for the writing of the paper “Music therapy as an interactive rehabilitation tool for people with Alzheimer’s: ergonomical issues” for AHFE 2014 in Krakow.

• Design of the kitchen “AdaptLiving” for LG Hausys and Poliform.

• AdaptLiving prototype exhibited at FuoriSalone 2014.

• Design the InfoPoint for the new Biella Hospital with Ugo Nespolo

why did i quit?

With Product Design, I truly thought I’d found what I was supposed to do. But during the first year as a freelance designer – even though it went great – I didn’t feel that “burning desire” that you MUST have when you want to create something out of nothing. Back then, I had danced with the thought of being a photographer for several years already, and so, trusting that my newly found “designer’s eye” would give me an edge, I transitioned to photography.



The Kitchen for Everyone

AdaptLiving is an island kitchen accessible for everyone that optimizes the space of the living room; it has been developed following a user-centered design approach: we visited nursing homes and hospitals and talked with different persons, also following the principles of ergonomics. That’s how we got to the project requirements and dimensions. All this led to the final result of a kitchen really designed for people. The entire kitchen is made of HI-MACS.

  • Year: 2014.
  • Companies involved: LG Hausys, Poliform.
  • Work: collaboration with the Health Care Design Skillpoint of the Politecnico di Milano university.
  • Goal: Present the prototype to the event “Longevicity” at Sarpi Bridge during the Fuorisalone 2014.
  • Team: Alessandro Carpentiero, Sabrina Muschiato.
  • Team role: Design, 3d models, 2d technical sheets.


Music Therapy Tool for Alzheimer’s Patients

Music^3 is an innovative music therapy tool, programmable and easy to use; it can reproduce sounds, songs, etc., each linked to a single button of the cube. It has been designed to be used with Alzheimer’s patients with different therapeutic needs, but it can also be used for different kinds of patients.

  • Year: 2013/2014.
  • Work: Thesis project at Politecnico of Milan University.
  • Team: Individual project.
  • References: Music therapist Alberto Morelli; Doctor Luciano Spreafico (Director of the “Il Raggio Verde” RSA.
  • Achievements: Included in the 5th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics 2014.
    (AHFE 2014) with the paper “Music Therapy as an Interactive Rehabilitation Tool for people with Alzheimer’s: Ergonomical Issues.”


Sleep with the Sound of Silence.

Sleep is essential for our life, and its quality affects several aspects of our life. AltoSilente is an ANC (Active Noise Control) machine and a bedside lamp designed for those who live in a noisy area and can’t properly sleep. The product creates a silent area near the head of the user, also creating a relaxing atmosphere with its colored diffused light.

  • Year: 2013.
  • Work: Laboratory project at Politecnico of Milan University.
  • Team: Individual project.
  • References: Sound Engineer Dario Paini, Lab Luce Politecnico of Milan.


Eat Your (Own) Veggies

The laboratory theme was “The Green City.” My team and I decided to explore the green inside the house or outside on the balcony. Our main goal was to sensitize people about green and re-introducing it in their houses. Veggy is a new kind of product that allows you to effectively cultivate vegetables inside your home using the hydroponic culture system. You can discover the pleasure of a new kind of gardening, decorate your living room, and eat what you harvest.

  • Year: 2012.
  • Work: Metasintesi Laboratory Project.
  • Team: Alessandro Carpentiero, Matteo Bonfanti,Laura Calgaro, Meeri Särkkä.
  • Team Role: Research, concept, 3D, presentation.

Biella Infopoint

Can Design & Art Coexist?

The concept for this project was to conjugate art and design inside of a hospital. Ugo Nespolo’s art objective was to create an obelisk, a point of attraction for every person who would enter the hospital. I was asked to create an easily accessible desk that could also interact with the work of art.

  • Year: 2014
  • Companies involved: LG Hausys, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Biella.
  • Work: Design the InfoPoint for the new Biella Hospital.
  • Goal: Create a “blank canvas” for the art of the Maestro Ugo Nespolo.
  • Team: Alessandro Carpentiero, Ugo Nespolo (art & decorations), Sabrina Muschiato (interiors).
  • Team Role: Desk design, 3d models, 2d technical sheets.


Why Can’t Singles Enjoy a Good Grilled Meal?

The “Industrial Design 2” laboratory goal was to make each team analyze an existing product, findin g out its flaws, and design a new and improved version.
My team was assigned with an electric grill from Rowenta, the KG64. We decided to improve several technical and usability aspects, while aiming to a new target: singles. Usually grilles are very big and bulky; we tried to design a tiny (but powerful) version.

  • Year: 2012
  • Work: Industrial Design 2 Laboratory at Politecnico di Milano university
  • Team: Team: Alessandro Carpentiero, Matteo Bonfanti, Laura Calgaro
  • Team Role: Technical sheets, 3d, presentation

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Fun Facts

• One of my mentors was Giovanna Castiglioni, the daughter of the product design legend, Achille Castiglioni.

• I served as an “unofficial interpreter” for all the Erasmus classmates that didn’t speak Italian.

• I am terrible at drawing by hand.